segunda-feira, 5 de setembro de 2011

Sponsoring Mini Me's

       Last weekend I came home and found this 10 year old kid drawing in the livingroom. When I go check what he is doing I see all this monsters, skulls and tigers with mouth dripping blood everywhere. Turns out he's one of our friend's kid. I've got so stoked with his stuff that I gave him part of my own material including nanquim ink pens, A2 papers and markers. He went crazy when he saw my drawings too and we spent the rest of the evening sharing references. I've promissed that if he keep drawing I will keep giving him material.

   Look at this tigers, he already has his own style and way of seeing things. The bat  scaping from the tower and the monster in the cave are in a very unusual perspectives for someone with his age. He even signed one specially for me! How cool is that? I'll frame it and hang in my wall for sure. This is the best kind of fan you can have. Kids imagination keeps me going.

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