terça-feira, 23 de agosto de 2011

Haunted Woods

''August, 1825 - Eleven witnesses testify to seeing a pale woman's hand reach up and pull ten-year-old Eileen Treacle into Tappy East Creek. Her body is never recovered, and for thirteen days after the drowning the creek is clogged with oily bundles of sticks.

March, 1886 - Eight-year-old Robin Weaver is reported missing and search parties are dispatched. Although Weaver returns, one of the search parties does not. Their bodies are found weeks later at Coffin Rock tied together at the arms and legs and completely disemboweled.

November, 1940 - May, 1941 - Starting with Emily Hollands, a total of seven children are abducted from the area surrounding Burkittsville, Maryland.

May, 25, 1941 - An old hermit named Rustin Parr walks into a local market and tells the people there that he is "finally finished." After Police hike for four hours to his secluded house in the woods, they find the bodies of seven missing children in the cellar. Each child has been ritualistically murdered and disemboweled. Parr admits to everything in detail, telling authorities that he did it for "an old woman ghost" who occupied the woods near his house. He is quickly convicted and hanged. ''

. September, 2011 - You will be able to get a limited edition poster from this rad illustration I've made and atract a lott of negative vibrations ( maby Blair witch itself ) for your room, plus give your housemade the creeps.

* inspired by photographer Alisson Scarpulla

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