domingo, 24 de julho de 2011


I've just received this huge package from Shammil with 10 of the tshirts i'd drawn them. He plays the bass for inkognitta and runs this awesome shop at Augusta st, São paulo called Doombox. For my surprise he sent me bonus stuff like his band amazing hats and cds, and an Infamous Glory album that i'll start listening to from now on. The height of the oppening-package experience was finding Leptospirose's 'Aquamadmax' album. Leptospirose has been the national band that I've been listening to the most since their insane performance at the Weird Fest.

Those are my great news. The great news for you is that I have 10 rad inkognitta's t shirts in a range of sizes. I am planning on start an online shop soon, but for now, if you want a T, you'll have to email me at or call 21 88958442

Below you can see this supergay editorial shit kind of photos my girlfriend took of me to promote the t shirts. They were my idea though.

Hurry up before they're gone.

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