quinta-feira, 5 de maio de 2011

Xtreme Noise Fest

Last weekend the Weird´s Xtreme Noise Fest took place at Inferno Club, in São Paulo, with exquisitely noisy bands providing the audience with national music´s last hope, or unique breathe of remaining quality in sound. The highlights were undoubtedly Leptospirose , Que Fim Levou Valdir and Garage Fuzz performances that brought to the club the chaotic atmosphere required for those days.

In between the two nights of the festival my girlfriend and I juggled our ways through SP´s road and metro network so we could get to see the city and attend to Pierre Cardin´s exhibition, settled at a real fancy neighborhood. Since money was short, ham and cheese sandwich inappropriately taken from the hostel breakfast table was the main course of that lunch and banana, from the same source, for dessert.

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