sábado, 5 de março de 2011

Weird Posters

I've done some posters drawing over Weird clothing co. ad photos. The illustration was made in separate sheets, in ecoline and ink, cut and pasted at the spots I wanted on A3 printed versions of the photos. The hole process was 'hand made' cause my pc was broken by that time (what dosn't make much difference as I suck on design softwears), so everything was made without tecnology, real rustic way.
The posters were supposed to be delivered at some surfshopgraffitigallery called Homegrown ( the only place you can find Weird co. stuff in Rio, I gues) to be given to Weird clothes shoppers, but they had sold out. At least i had some fun doing it and i think they're rad.

So, if you liked one of those , just email me.


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